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"No resource we’ve developed embodies our commitment to cultivating deeper personal Bible study more than The MacArthur Study Bible. It’s the most important tool we carry because unlike any single book or sermon series, it deals with the whole of Scripture. Nothing else we offer clarifies God’s Word so comprehensively or provides so much help to people who want to dig deeper into the riches of Scripture.

  • 25,000 detailed explanatory notes written by John
  • Index to key biblical doctrines
  • Thorough cross-references
  • Introductions to each book
  • Concise articles on “How We Got the Bible” and “Introduction to the Bible”
  • Extensive concordance
  • Bible reading plans
  • More than 140 two-color maps, charts, timelines, and illustrations
  • available in ESV, NASB, and NKJV



MacArthur Study Bible

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