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So, you want to grow in your walk with God but you don't know where quality, trustworthy resources can be found. We too have experienced this issue. Through the years we have found these that have been helpful in our journey of faith.

Please note, these sources are not scripture. OBC may not wholly endorse everything found in these resources. However, we have found them to be of great benefit as they attempt to remain true to the call of scriptural truth.

Pile Of Books

Reading is fundamental to growing in the knowledge of God. Have you ever wondered why God gave his revelation in a book and not in a YouTube video?

Image by Leon Seibert

There are wonderful sources for things to watch and read that will actually help you expand your thinking on the things of God. 

Image by Noom Peerapong

Sermons, teaching and devotionals from OBC.

Pile Of Books

Here are some wonderful apps for your devices that will help keep you connected to God and His Word.

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